Why Romanian Clubs Are Some of the Friendliest in Europe for Stag Dos

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Although you probably did not expect that, Bucharest has some vivid nightlife action. The Old Town is full of pubs and clubs while more posh venues are usually located north. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are planning a stag weekend in our town with your friends.

How to get into a Bucharest club

Access is usually open in most clubs, but it can be tricky for large groups of men. This is why we offer free table bookings free of cost and we can organize free entrances for our guests.

A pre-booking is generally useful especially for large groups. When they get too crowded, some clubs do not let extra clients in

Prices of drinks

Compared to Western Europe, Bucharest offers very affordable luxury in many respects. One beer costs 2-3 € and a cocktail is around 4-6 €. A big bottle of vodka or whisky can usually be bought for around 70-80 €.

These are prices for top class locations in Bucharest.

Prices of tables in Bucharest clubs

Booking a table usually means buying at least two bottles of drinks. The total cost is 80 €/table on Thursdays and 140-240 €/table on Fridays and Saturdays.

The bottles of spirits always come with juice or something to mix them with.

Most clubs tend to have offers for Thursdays as they want to attract more customers.

Getting in without a table

It is possible to get into clubs without booking a table in advance, but we do not advise our stag groups to do so. Some club staff refuse to allow large groups of men in without a table.

Moreover, if the venue is too crowded, the bodyguards may keep people out until later in the night.

Popular Bucharest clubs among stag weekend guests

There are five clubs we usually recommend to our clients.


Located in the central-north area of the city, Fratelli is the place where nightlife and style meet. It is a posh venue where an elegant outfit is required. We mostly recommend the place to our stag weekend guests who like to party in good taste.


This club is more expensive than others and some years ago it used to be the number one location for Bucharest nightlife: local celebrities, models, lavish parties. The trend still continues and today Bamboo is a meeting place for Bucharest’s rich and beautiful.


If you’re into fake breasts and botox, BOA is the place to be. We recommend this venue to our stag groups who also like nice dance shows and want to meet model-looking girls.


The club is situated in a posh location up north close to Montreal Square. It has vivid parties and a good ratio between men and women with the number of ladies being usually higher than the number of guys. We recommend Player Bucharest for most of our stag weekend groups as the club combines everything: good parties, nice dance shows and beautiful women.

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