Timing – When Does the Bucharest Nightlife Action Start?

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Each city has its own of nightlife time frames and Bucharest is no exception.

In proper Latin fashion, us Romanians like to start the evening relatively late. Restaurants and pubs become busy after 9 pm while the ideal time to get to a club is past midnight.


On weekends and during daytime, good restaurants in Bucharest Old Town get busy around 14:00. We tell our stag do guests that there is no need for lunch bookings unless the group is larger than eight. As an agency, we can easily arrange free bookings to restaurants for our clients.


The ideal time to start dinner is around 9 pm. We usually tell large stag groups to aim for 8 pm as their pace is usually slower. This gives our clients enough time to both have a tasty dinner and live the Bucharest nightlife to the full.


Discos are one of the main places for people who come on Bucharest stags. The clubs from which we have had the best feedback so far are Player and Bamboo. Our guests said they liked the venues because they are posh location with good looking people and offer a good value for money. Parties in Bucharest end early morning at sunrise.


The best way to start partying in Bucharest is to go to a pub or restaurant around 8-9 pm. The stag weekend evening would then ideally continue with clubbing after midnight. Romanian clubs usually close early morning, around 6 am.


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