The Strangest Stag Do Ideas We’ve Helped Our Clients Organize

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As Bucharest stag weekend organizers, we sometimes have to cope with very peculiar demands from our guests from around the world. Most of our clients come from Western and Central Europe, The Middle East and The United States.

Every time we receive such demands from our guests, we are initially surprised, but then we do our best to take them from ideas to reality.

Here are just two of the strangest stag do ideas that we’ve organized for our guests in Bucharest.

The naked stripper parachute jump

In 2015, we had a group of men around the age of 30 from Scandinavia. The stag crew initially spent some time in a village up North and then came to Bucharest for the bachelor party.

One of the guys asked us to organize a parachute jump in which two naked strippers would join. It was October and the weather looked pretty rainy.

So we called the people from the airfield and said what it was about. They immediately said yes and admitted we were not the only ones asking if someone could jump naked.

Then we called the female dancers and they also said yes. Moreover, they agreed to only charge a double fee compared to a regular dance. So we managed to put together the stag moment for the crew.

In the end, as things came together, the guys changed their mind. “What a pitty”, we said. But we do keep the idea in mind for other groups and really hope we can see this stunt happening soon on a Bucharest stag weekend.

The double-hottie wake-up

In April 2016, we had a small group from Western Europe coming to Bucharest on a sort of stag tour. They were supposed to continue partying in Belgrade after spending some days here.

When we suggested to do a prank, the lead organizer said he has something in mind. He asked for two good looking female dancers to come to their apartment early in the morning so he could wake everyone up in a peculiar fashion.

So we put everything together: the girls were at the apartment building entrance at 9 am.

The guy who organized it – and who was the only one awake so early after a night of debauchery – filmed every single one of his friends being waken up by the two lovely naked ladies. It was certainly a good memory for the stag who did not expect that to happen. As their Bucharest stag weekend ended, the group carried on in Belgrade as they planned.

The usual business: stag pranks

We organize stag pranks on a daily basis for our Bucharest bachelor weekend guests. The idea is usually discussed with the group and then put together by us with the help of two very talented theatre actors.

A classic prank is the stag arrest. We book a location (a nice restaurant in the centre where the group can also have a tasty dinner and drinks) and make sure people who work there are on board. Then an “undercover” cop comes in asking for everyone’s documents. Some people in the group panic and then the actor finds a reason to start searching the stag.

The so-called cops usually accuse the groups of doing drugs and then make people prove they did not. So the stag ends up taking a pepper ear bud in his mouth as a “saliva sample”, taking his trousers and shoes off to prove he did not inject himself and even giving a urine sample to show he did not do any illegal substances.

Someone in the stag group always films everything “to have it as legal proof at the embassy”.

We have done that for Bucharest bachelor weekend groups a number of times and the feedback was always fantastic. Many of our guests say it feels like a school trip joke!

We also offer a midget rental service in Bucharest for stag dos. Our little guy is a funny person who is willing to do all sorts of stunts for the guests to have a good time. He is also a fantastic wingman for guys who want to meet women during their Bucharest stag trip.

So as long as we can put together a few stag do ideas, there are very few things we cannot do here in Bucharest. We are looking forward to new challenges suggested by our international guests!

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