What Time of the Year Is Best to Pick for a Bucharest Stag Weekend

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Every city tends to have different things to offer depending on seasons. While Bucharest is mostly buzzling in springs and summers, the mild weather during fall and the coziness of winters make the city a good stag weekend destination for the whole year round.

Unlike Britain or Germany, the weather in Romania is pleasant. Our bachelor party guests are always amazed by the countless days of summer and the mildness of autumns.

If we were to recommend an ideal season for coming over for a Bucharest stag weekend, we would go for summer, but the rest of the year still has a lot to offer.

Spring: nice weather and outdoor activities

Outdoor terraces in Bucharest bars open late March or early April depending on the weather. This means Bucharest stag do groups can definitely have lunch outside after April 10.

Pools only open in summers, but the city of Bucharest is very active throughout spring. Most of the outdoor activities that we offer as a stag agency can be done then.

The only exceptions are the ones related to cars: karts and rally vehicles cannot be used on rain or a wet track because of safety issues.

Summer: day and night party all along

Summers in Bucharest are that time of the year when the city does not sleep. Clubs are open the whole time and the Old Town is the ideal place to start, continue and end a Bucharest stag trip.

Most of the action is outdoors – Bucharest clubs also open their terraces and pools for parties. The city has loads of open air locations – from lunch venues to nightlife spots.

The pools in town open late May. Our bachelor party agency offers entrances to Bucharest pools for stag trip guests. Our services include party venues, but also spa and water parks.

Fall: weather still good

Unlike Britain or Germany, the first half of autumn in Romania often looks like an extension of summer. Open air terraces close in October alongside summer clubs.

In September, for example, partying outdoor is still normal for Bucharest stag weekend travellers.

Winter: indoor partying and cosy restaurants

Although temperatures in winter in Bucharest can go as low as minus 10 Celsius, the city offers a wide variety of indoor nightlife activities.

Clubs are still open while the indoor daytime activities for stag weekends are also doable.

It usually snows in December and January and this gives the city a fairytalish aspect.


If we were to advice on this, we would say that the best time of the year for a stag trip to Bucharest would be the summer. However, the city has a lot to offer for bachelor trips all year round.

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