5 Reasons Why Bucharest Is an Amazing Stag Do Destination You’ve Never Heard of

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Bucharest is the new Prague – that’s how we like to put it!

Many of our guests come with pretty low expectations. Some believe the city is rather rural while others ask if it is safe.

When they get here, they figure they have been missing all the fun!

Bucharest is safer than most European cities. The architecture in the centre was influenced by French building concepts in the early 1900s. And we have some of the smartest and most beautiful women in €ope.

So here are a few brief reasons why our city is the perfect destination for stag weekends – and you had no idea about it:


1. Affordable luxury nightlife


A table for six in a top club here costs 70 € on Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays, prices range between 140 and 230 €. This includes one big bottle of international vodka or whisky. The entrance is also included.

So for 30 €/person, you get top class treatment in clubs on a Friday evening.

The clubs that we recommend are Fratelli, Player, BOA, Bamboo and LOFT. We usually choose the club alongside our stag weekend guests and depending on what they prefer.


2. Women like foreigners


In a similar way to other places in the world, being exotic makes one more interesting to others.

As a foreigner in Romania, you will always have a better chance to get to know women better. You just need a bit of courage and a smart approach.


And we do have some of the smartest and best looking women in Europe.

So, in case anyone else in the stag team wants a new partner, Romania might be the right place.


3. Low cost flights


As of 2015, Ryanair has added more flights to Bucharest.

In addition, EasyJet, WizzAir and BlueAir also operate low cost flights to our city.

Bucharest has very decent connections to Western €opean capitals through low-cost companies and this is another reason why our town is ideal for stag do weekends.


4. Off the beaten path


Most of your friends probably go to Prague, Riga or Ibiza for stag weekends.

These locations are usually packed with bachelor groups from abroad. Every now and then you might bump into each other in pubs or the city centre.


Bucharest is still undiscovered. So people are very welcoming with stag groups and the centre is not too full of packs of drunk men having fun!


5. The cheapest nice place in the EU


Put it this way: where else in the EU can you have lunch with 9 € in a good restaurant or get VIP club treatment with 25 €/person, drinks included?

The feedback that we get from our guests who come here on stag weekends is that our city is one of the most affordable places they visited.


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