Coming to Bucharest for a Stag Weekend? What to Keep in Mind

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So you’ve decided to come to our city, the Paris of the East for a bachelor party trip. Here are a few thoughts written by our team on what to keep in mind during your trip here.

Bucharest is very affordable, has unexpectedly vivid nightlife especially in the summer and some of the most welcoming women and men in€ope. These are just three reasons why it is an ideal stag do destination, although most people do not realise that.

Here are a couple of tips and things to keep in mind for your stay here.

Don’t forget you can always get intouch with our team for more info or to book services!


1. Bucharest is fairly cheap as a stag weekend destination


To get an idea:

  • lunch for one in a good restaurant is around 9€
  • a beer in a pub costs 1.8€
  • a taxi trip on average costs 4€
  • a decent room in a central hotel costs about 50€/night
  • BnB apartments in the city centre go around 15€/person/night in shared rooms
  • a table for six in a club costs 75-230€ (cheaper on Thursdays, more expensive on Saturdays) and it includes a big bottle of vodka/whisky and the entrance

      To put it shortly and easy to understand for stag teams: cheap drinks & smart women!


        2. Vivid nightlife


      Bucharest is comparable to other€opean capitals in terms of nightlife. In the summer, it is a lot more action packed than places like Munich, Lisbon or Rome.

      Ideally the evening starts around 9 pm with a pub crawl. Most people go in the Old Town, but there are loads of places in the city centre and posh bars and restaurants up north.

      We usually choose our pub crawl locations depending on our guests’ taste.

      Some look for more artsy-alternative places, while others prefer the kind of bars where models and fashion icons would go.

      In terms of clubbing, it is ideal for a stag team to get to the disco around 12 pm. The party is already started, girls are there, table is ready.

      Club parties usually finish around 7 am. Some teams go to a gentlemen club earlier in the evening, while others prefer to stick to the club.


      As a stag weekend destination, Bucharest offers a very decent range of nightlife activities – from pub crawling to various VIP clubs and gentlemen clubs.


      3. How to get a taxi


      This is a very tiny detail for a stag weekend, but it can be really annoying if not dealt with properly.

      Taxi drivers are usually polite and transparent to passengers. What happens sometimes is for them to refuse trips or ask more money on a crowded evening.


      Ways to get a taxi:

      • From the airport: book through us in advance. Due to bureaucratic stupidity, taxi access to Bucharest Otopeni Airport has been restricted. Overpriced taxis go in easier.
      • So to avoid the extra hassle, book through us. Our transfers cost 5-9€/person

      • In town: phone app or Uber.


      The most popular phone apps available on Google Play and App Store are Star Taxi and Clever Taxi. You open an account using your email and order taxis based on your location.

      Uber works very well in Bucharest. It is more reliable than most taxi services and drivers speak English. Fares are a little higher than regular taxis, but a trip costs 4-5€ on average.


      4. Areas to stay


      A fair price for a stag do group in a hotel would be 50-60€/room.

      Air BnB apartments booked exclusively for the group in the centre go as low as 15€/person in shared rooms.

      We recommend to choose hotels that are in the Old Town – Piata Romana area. They are close to the main points of the city and in an area packed with restaurants, pubs and cafes.

      Hotel Central and Barrio by Embassy offer some pretty decent rates.

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