Dress Code in Bucharest for Stag Guests

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We are often asked by our guests what the dress code is in different venues. While most locations such as restaurants and bars are not too strict, for posh clubs it is always best to wear a smart outfit. Also, if the stag’s costume is too eccentric, access can get problematic.

Bucharest restaurants

The food scene in the Romanian capital has developed rapidly in past years. From local dishes to chic restaurants with home food or fusion cuisine – Bucharest has it all.

The restaurants are affordable – dinner for one person in a good venue costs 10-12 euros including drinks.

Most places have no special requests in terms of dress code. Except for the situation in which a guest can offend others (for example, stag costumes that are too flamboyant), restaurant managers have no issue with large groups of men accessing their venues.

Bars and pubs

Bucharest bars and pubs start becoming animated around 9 pm. Just like restaurants, bar managers do not usually ask for a certain dress code.

Some locations in the northern area of Bucharest are known for being rather posh and elegant. This is why we recommend our clients who come to our city for a stag do to adapt to that and wear a smart-casual outfit.

In general, bars and clubs are the nightlife starting point of stag nights.

Dress code in Bucharest clubs

Unlike bars and restaurants, the people from Bucharest club staffs are strict regarding clothes.

The dress code in clubs is smart or smart-casual. We strongly discourage running shoes or sports clothes such as running trousers or workout t-shirts.

Most men wear shirts with a collar and smart shoes for club nights during Bucharest stag weekends.

Women are usually very elegant – the trend in local clubs is to wear high heels and sexy but chic outfits. This is one of the reasons why men who come here for stag dos give us a very good feedback on the nightlife.


In terms of dress code, Bucharest is not too strict when it comes to pubs and restaurants. However, we always tell our bachelor weekend clients to pick a smart or smart-casual outfit when going to nightclubs such as Player or Bamboo.


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