How to Approach Romanian Women

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Many of the stag weekend guys who come to our city wonder if there is anything in particular that they should keep in mind in getting together with women. “Do people usually speak English? Are girls friendly in Bucharest? What’s the best way to approach them if I come there for a bachelor weekend?”

As stag party organisers, we always advise our guests to be bold, but elegant, and remember that what happens in Bucharest stays in Bucharest. It’s not like one gets to be far from home every day in a vibrant city with beautiful women, so we believe weekends spent here should be lived to the full.

Don’t be shy, be elegant

Some of the people who have visited Bucharest for the weekend confessed they are not sure on whether they should make a move when they see an attractive woman or not.

We always tell our stag weekend guests that it’s better to live life to the full and take risks.

With Romanian women we believe one should be elegant and also bold.

Speaking English can help as many times foreigners in Bucharest can be seen as exotic. And if you’re planning to visit a posh club that evening, inviting girls to join could prove a good idea as they may bring friends. And that could be the moment when the Bucharest stag party actually becomes interesting.

Romanian women are indeed good looking, but also smart and subtle

We believe the most common mistake Bucharest stag travellers do is to judge Romanian women solely by their looks. Many of them are indeed smoking hot, but it takes more than just compliments to start a conversation.

We advise the people who come here for a Bucharest stag do to try and engage humanly. Finding common topics and doing funny jokes can be proper ice breakers.

One can often be surprised by very good looking Bucharest girls who are into literature or art. We believe it is best to try and meet Romanian women rather than aim for hooking up with them.

Foreigners are Considered Exotic

The easiest line for a bachelor party team mate to approach a Romanian woman would be in our opinion: “Hi, do you speak English?” And this is because foreigners in Bucharest are considered somewhat exotic.

Although not speaking the local language may sound like a barrier, it can actually become an advantage. Moreover, Eastern European men are not the most mannered people in the region, so elegant boldness combined with English language can make a stag weekend in Bucharest memorable.

So what we tell our people is: whatever language you prefer, just go for it!

Hook-up apps and places

One option to get in touch with Romanian women while on a Bucharest stag weekend is through hook-up apps. The most popular phone app that can easily be used by bachelor weekend groups is Tinder. It has become massively popular among Romanians and many consider it to be the quickest way of meeting local beauties.

In terms of places to meet women, we believe clubs are the best. In Player and Bamboo, there are many tables with female presence only. Often we persuade the club PR to put our Bucharest stag weekend people next to one of those tables so interaction is easier.


If you come to Bucharest for a stag do and don’t meet any local woman it’s as if you went to Egypt and didn’t see the pyramids.

Not speaking the local language can often be seen as exotic. Stag groups tend to have a lot of fun in Bucharest precisely because women are beautiful and friendly.

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