So you’ve met a Romanian woman. Now what?

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One of the questions we often get from our guests is how to deal with Romanian women.

We do not believe people can be treated as a whole, but we do sell a few tips to our stag weekend groups. Here are some of them.


Attractiveness boost


We always tell our guests who come to Romania for a Bucharest stag that they should be aware of their attractiveness boost here.

Being a foreigner in our country makes you somewhat peculiar and we believe this difference is positive.

So we always encourage our guests to just go for it and not think twice.


Many Romanian women like foreigners


The same way in which people are always attracted to anything that by their standards is exotic, foreign men will be considered special by many Romanian women.

So, if you’re here for a stag weekend, you might want to try your charm with local beauties. We can assure you that your chances are significantly increased.


Learn a few words in Romanian


It’s always flattering to hear someone from abroad talking your language, especially if it is not international like English, Spanish or French.

Learning a few Romanian words could be the thing that breaks the ice when trying to meet local girls during a Bucharest stag weekend.

So read this carefully: “Hai sa bem ceva” (Let’s go for a drink)!


Romanian women are smart and beautiful (in this order). If you’re lucky enough to meet one during your stag trip here in Bucharest, make sure you treat her nice and make the most of your time together for both of you

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