Night Activities

Here you can find the most interesting and adventurous things to do in Bucharest. You can either spend your stag weekend in Romania by exploring around or choose one of our exciting activities, such as archery shooting, paintball or a photo tour of Bucharest.

Also, check out our new room escape challenge and the guided mountain adventure.

There is never enough time to experience everything to the full, so we are ready to help you in selecting the most exciting things to do for your Bucharest stag do.

As a Bucharest stag weekend agency, we offer full service for most of our activities: guidance, quality and transfers. Most nightlife activities do not include transfers, but we are happy to arrange them for very cheap (3-5 €/taxi).

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Daytime Activities

If nightlife is supposed to be fun and wild, we believe the days of a Bucharest stag trip should be action-packed and full of adrenaline.

The bachelor weekend options include driving packages, shooting fun, city tours, but also activities such as room escape and bubble football.

All the prices shown below are for groups of eight or more. For Bucharest stag teams with less members, the fee will most probably get higher, but our city will be cheaper than most others of Europe anyway.

Check this list to see what activities fit your Bucharest stag do best and please drop us a line for a personalised quote. We are her to make Bucharest bachelor weekends unforgettable.

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Pranks & surprises

If you want to spice your weekend with some less ordinary things to do, let's get your man a stag costume or maybe put you in touch with our pranksters. They are professional actors from Bucharest who can make sure that stag will get very scared and the team will have a good laugh.

We always arrange the stag pranks with the group organiser. We put together an idea that is both surprising and fun for the stag team. A classic one is the stag arrest in which fake cops question the bachelor and develop a scenario based on an alleged crime he did.

Most of the pranks are filmed by someone in the stag crew. Our prank videos are many times the reason why groups remember their Bucharest stag weekend vividly and recommend us to their friends.

  • Prank with actors for Bucharest stag guests
  • Midget hire
  • Stag costumes
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Club/Pub crawl: Bucharest nightlife tour with female guides

The old town and the city center are action packed on Bucharest stag weekends. Meet new people, go from one place to another and, of course, drink as much as you can! This is the start that we recommend for enjoying Bucharest nightlife to the full during your stag weekend in Romania.

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Limo transfer in Bucharest - Limo party

The option of making a trip from one place to another more interesting is not only available for your transfer from Bucharest International Airport. A good way to start the night for your stag do in Bucharest is to request a limo with prepaid drinks and a hot show for the stag included. The trip will help you make an idea about Bucharest nightlife and decide where you want to go next. We can arrange for as many limo transfers as you wish during your stag doin Bucharest.

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Strip show

This is one of our most popular activities. Our dancers know how to engage with guests and will make sure they will give the stag a show to remember. The dance sessions can be done in the limo, during dinner or in different other locations during Bucharest bachelor weekends.

We can provide photos of the dancers beforehand. They are also professional, look stunningly and know how to engage with guests. Unexpected dance shows are the perfect way to surprise the bachelor during his Bucharest stag do.

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Gentlemen club in Bucharest: all-night open bar and lap dance included

During your stag weekend in Bucharest, enjoy the city’s lively and vivid nightlife in a VIP class gentlemen club with drinks and a lap dance for every member of the bachelor partygroup included. You don’t have to worry about booking a table or buying drinks – it’s all pre-paid.

The venue is one of the few good quality gentlemen clubs in town. We strongly recommend our guests not to go to such locations in the Old Town as the service there is poor.

Booking this VIP gentlemen club through us means a smaller price than regular guests would pay at the entrance. So drop us a line for a personalised Bucharest stag weekend quote.

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VIP Clubbing: party in Bucharest’s finest discos

Vivid parties, stunning girls, incredible atmosphere: this is how one would describe Bucharest nightlife. During your stag in Bucharest, you don’t have to bother with booking a table or standing in a long cue at the entrance – we’ve got you covered.

We tailor our clubbing packages based on what our bachelor weekend guests expect. We can arrange cheap entrances with one drink for each person, regular tables with drinks included, but also VIP ones that can make the Bucharest stag do more animated.

See More... 15 €/35 €/65 €/person for entrance and drink/entrance and regular table/VIP table

Relaxing massage with naughty Romanian girls

Going to a massage parlor can be the right start for a wild night during your stag weekend in Bucharest. Enjoy some time in the company of these incredible models and let your imagination loose. They offer single and double massage services, but also some relaxing time in a jacuzzi for the stag and his friends.

The massage parlor we work with is 'vetted' - which means our bachelor weekend guests visited the place and gave us very good feedback.

We recommend to our Bucharest stag clients to be wary of going to random massage places as the service can be way below expectations.

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Karting race

Quench your thirst for speed and agility with a karting race specially organized for you and your friends during your Bucharest stag trip. The package includes half an hour of driving time for each member of the bachelor weekend group. Additional laps can be arranged beforehand or at the location of the activity.

This activity is recommended for groups that want to feel a bit of adrenaline during their stag do in Bucharest.

The karting track is more than 1,000 metres long and can have up to 10 karts at the same time. For our Bucharest stag guests, we organise special competitions in which friends compete each other. We believe this is a good activity for some very fun and adrenaline-powered memories from the Bucharest bachelor trip.

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Clay pigeon shooting in Bucharest

This one is a Bucharest stag weekend classic. We'll take you to a professional Romanian shooting range at the outskirts of Bucharest to test your speed and accuracy after a night of drinking and debauchery. Don't bet your money on shooting the most clays in your bachelor weekend group- you might lose!

We always book an English speaking instructor for the stag team. Some groups organise their own competition with someone keeping the score.

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Bucharest city tour

Visit all the places worth seeing in Bucharest, but do it like a local, not as a tourist. Our guides are happy to show you the city and also take you to visit some of our finest attractions during your stag weekend in Bucharest. Our town used to be called „Little Paris” in the 1920s. The mixed architecture and hidden attractions will surely look good for the photos you will be taking home after your stag do in Bucharest.

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Rally race

This challenge is not for everyone. Do it only if you want to spice the Bucharest stag do with speed and danger. Our track - the best around Bucharest for racing - provides you with vintage rally cars to drive. Two vehicles at most are allowed during a race and additional laps can be purchased at the venue.

The activity is only available for Bucharest stag trips that take place in spring, summer and fall. Rallying cannot take place in winter and rainy days due to safety restrictions.

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Paintball challenge

Display your shooting skills and help your team win a paintball challenge in a special set-up. The wild west scenario, the military training ground, or the indoor set-up will surely keep your adrenaline level up. Paintball is at the same time a good way of having fun between the action-packed nights of your stag weekend in Bucharest.

For our bachelor party groups, we can provide both outdoor and indoor locations. The latter as useful on snow or rain. Either way, our guides always make sure the venue is suitable for the size of each Bucharest stag group.

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Parachute jump

Certainly not a thing to forget: an assisted parachute jump would be a proper way to make the Bucharest stag weekend memorable. We had guests who asked for a naked girl to jump alongside them: no problem, just don't do it when it's cold!

This activity can work best as a surprise and challenge for the stag. Ideally the group would book it andnot tell the bachelor what is due to happen. After doing the jump, he will certainly remain with a vivid memory from his Bucharest stag trip.

THe moment can be filmed and photographed for an extra fee.

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Real weapons shooting in Bucharest

Take part to a real shooting experience with an excellent range of weapons. Prove your skills and accuracy with a pistol or smash targets with the famous AK-47. This activity is also a good way of challenging your friends during your stag weekend in Bucharest.

The shooting range we work with offers a wide variety of weapons. We usually suggest our Bucharest stag guests to book packages in which they can exchange guns between each other and try different types of weaponry.

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Indoor climbing

It's not easy to climb a steep wall after a night of going out, but fortunately we've got an English speaking instructor willing to help. Will you or anyone in the stag team make it to the top?

There are two climbing locations where we take our Bucharest stag guests. One is in the city centre and the other is located in one of the neighbourhoods. We provide transfer and assistance to our bachelor weekend guests to get to the location.

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Archery shooting in Bucharest

If you’ve never shot an arch before, it’s time to start! The package includes and English speaking instructor ready to give you all the useful tips to use your targetting ability to its best. Although stag weekends in Bucharest are more about the nightlife, archery shooting could be a good way of getting back on track after a morning hangover.

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Room escape

Get yourself and your team locked in a room and find your way out in less than one hour. This is a perfect challenge for the Bucharest stag trip if you like puzzle solving, logic and connecting clues under the pressure of time. According to our guests, this is one of the most interesting daytime activities, so make sure you won’t miss it during your Bucharest stag do.

The room escape venues scene in Bucharest offers a good variety of options. Each room has a different topic and the puzzle changes from one location to another.

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Guided mountain adventure

The Carpathian Mountains (known as „The Transylvanian Alps”) are just 2 hours away from Bucharest. An experienced guide will take you to a 3-5 hour mountain track with breathtaking panoramas. It’s worth taking your camera with you because you will surely have what to show your friends when you get back home after your stag do in Romania.

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Off-road near Bucharest

Few guests know that one of the best things to do in Bucharest is to take advantage of the mountaneous panorama near-by and practice your skills with off-road sports. Should you and your friends choose to do so for your stag do in Romania, we are happy to offer you the best available off-road car models, English speaking guides to assist you and a well deserved lunch break with traditional food in a Romanian sheepfold.

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Swimming pool with sandy beach

Romania’s summer climate is very warm, which is why of the reasons why our country is a good destination for bachelor trips. Chilling, having a few drinks by the pool and meeting new people would perfectly fit in a daytime schedule for your stag weekend in Bucharest.

The location is the place to be in the city if you want to spend a relaxing day by the pool. Feel free to interact with other people alongside your friends and maybe meet new girls for your Bucharest stag party.

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Either you are an experienced player or you just want to learn how to use the club, the chic golfing ground near Bucharest is a suitable choice. The package includes lunch served in the elegant restaurant of the club and a couple of hours for you to play in this exquisite location alongside your friends who joined for the stag do.

If you want to add a bit of style to your stag weekend in Bucharest and also keep in shape, golf is an ideal choice.

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Minifootball game (footy match)

If you were a member of your high-school football team, you do remember the need to score a goal. Enjoy a footy match or help your team win a mini tournament once you take a drinking break from your stag weekend in Bucharest.

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Tennis tournament

You might be used to playing tennis, but when was the last time you’ve participated in a tournament with your friends? The location is a VIP spa and sports club that provides world class facilities. This is an opportunity for the winner to prove to people at home that this stag weekend in Bucharest was just a healthy series of workouts!

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Photography tour of Bucharest with professional photographer

Bucharest is a mix of elements you will rarely find anywhere else in Europe: exquisite buildings from the 1920s next to gray communist mastodonts, a vivid old town, expressive street performers, hip young people and gorgeous women that could easily pose for international magazines. If your hobby is photography, our friend, one of the most reputable and popular photographers in Romania, is ready to show you around and give you some tips. So, if you’re a camera addict, the Bucharest photography tour can really add something to your stag weekend in Romania.

We recommend this activity to our bachelor guests who are into visuals or photography and want to explore the city during their Bucharest stag weekend.

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Guided tour of Bucharest’s finest casinos

Since you are coming to the most lively capital from this region of Europe during your stag do in Romania, it’s worth trying your luck in one of the luxurious casinos in the centre. Either you like slots or blackjack, these places have the perfect set-up: they’re open all night and offer an open bar and food buffet.

We can either arrange a regular entrance for our Bucharest stag do guests or set up a casino tour with lovely female hostesses.

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VIP massage party with stunning models

Enjoy a full nightclub experience with daring Romanian models ready to spice up Bucharest stag parties. These girls are ready to dance, lose their clothes and give you an unbelievable massage in the VIP room. If you want your stag weekend in Bucharest to be daring and hot, the VIP massage location is the place to be.
Since it’s the stag’s last weekend of freedom, you might as well start it by spending some time in the company of a few very open-minded Romanian models. They are ready to give you a full massage service. So spice-up your stag weekend in Bucharest with a few hours spent in the company of these stunning Romanian women.

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