With a mainly Romanian population, a rising number of expats living here and numerous groups of tourists that visit every year, Bucharest has become one of the trendiest places in Southeastern Europe.

Romanian young women are likeable, chic and tend to be chatty to foreigners. Weste rn visitors are always stunned by their beauty. If you decide to approach Romanian girls, beware: you might want to extend your stag weekend in Bucharest!

Romanian men have adapted to the general trend of Bucharest and became part of the action packed weekends downtown. They are chattier than Italians, more romantic than the French and more energic than Scandinavians!

People younger than 40 have an amazingly good level of English.

Currency and exchange tips

Romania’s currency is the Romanian New Leu (plural: lei, abbreviation: RON). Here you can find an up-to-date exchange rate. Good places to exchange currency:

  • Banks (open 09:00-17:00, employees usually speak English)
  • Exchange offices with 0% commission

Places where we DO NOT RECOMMEND to exchange currency:

  • Airport (they charge a fee)
  • Exchange offices downtown that have an exchange commission

You need a valid ID to exchange money in Romania.

Henri Coanda International Airport – Bucharest

Bucharest International Airport (BUH) is located in the small city of Otopeni, 16 kilometers away from Bucharest and 21 kilometers away from the city center.

Flights to Bucharest

The easiest way to find a flight suitable for your budget is by accessing
Low cost companies that fly to Bucharest include: Ryanair, Wizz-Air, Easy-Jet, Blue Air.
Other companies are: Tarom (Romanian national flight company), British Airways, KLM.

Public transport in Bucharest

Bucharest offers a decent network of public transport that includes buses, trolleys, trams and a subway network. The daytime public transport network runs between 05:00 and 23:30. Subways do not run by night. Here are some tips should you decide to use public transportation during your Romania stag do or hen weekend in Bucharest.


  • A bus/trolley/tram trip costs 30 Eurocents
  • A subway trip costs 45 Eurocents

For buses/trolleys/trams you will initially need a transport card that costs 2,4 €. It can be shared by several passengers as long as you validate it for everyone (for example, if two people use the same card, it has to be validated twice inside the bus).

We strongly disencourage using public transport without a ticket as travellers are often verified by public transport employees. We don’t want any inconveniences during your stag weekend in Bucharest.

The fine for people who travel without a ticket is 50 lei (10 €).

The night public transport network consists of buses covering the most used lines by day. We recommend to use taxis by night as public night buses have long waiting intervals (20 – 120 minutes).

Here is a map of night bus lines.

Here you can find a schedule of night buses.

Helpful Android app for public transport in Bucharest: Transport urban, available for free on Google Play. Should you need extra assistance during your stag weekend in Bucharest, feel free to contact us. A 24-7 phone assistance service is included in all our Bucharest stag do packages.

Shops and supermarkets

Bucharest offers a wide range of options for buying groceries and day-to-day goods.

Shops and supermarkets usually open at 09:00 and close between 21:00 and 23:00. The city has a decent number of non-stop shops located in the city centre, therefore very close to the hotel you will be staying in for your Bucharest stag weekend.

Companies that you may be familiar with, such as Carrefour or Lidl, have supermarkets in Romania.

Prices are a bit lower than Western Europe. All supermarkets accept payment by cash or card. For shops, it is recommended to have cash because many times they do not have electronic payment equipment.

Shopping malls

In the 90s, as Bucharest started to modernize and became a cosmopolitan European city, shopping malls became the new trend. Should you decide to buy things for your relatives and friends back home or should you want to take your group to a shopping session during your stag do or bachelorette weekend in Bucharest, there is a wide range of options.

Afi Palace Cotroceni, Promenada Mall, City Mall, Plaza Romania or Sun Plaza are some of the big shopping centres of Bucharest. Most major European brands of clothes and electronics can be found here.

Prices are similar to Western Europe, but given the competition many stores offer discounts.


Bucharest Old Town, also called Lipscani, is a vivid place by night especially during weekends. This is a place not-to-be-missed during your stag do or hen weekend in Romania.

Other areas, such as Piata Romana or the Northern part of town, include different types of pubs, from „hip-artsy” locations to exquisite restaurants at the last floor of glass and steel buildings.

Here are the prices of drinks in Bucharest Old Town:

  • 1,75 € for a pint of beer
  • 1,5 € for a coffee
  • 5 € for a cocktail
  • 15 € for a bottle of wine

Prices in Bucharest clubs and discos are similar.

We work with the most popular and expat-friendly bars and discos in town. Should you prefer not to book our pub crawling or clubbing packages, we are ready to make recommendations during your stag weekend in Bucharest.

Restaurants in Bucharest

One weekend in Bucharest is not enough to experience the diversity the city has to offer in terms of places to go out. A good idea during your stag/hen weekend in Romania is to experience local dishes – and you’ve got plenty of options.

Other types of restaurants include Italian, Greek and French cuisine, but also steak houses and cheap kebap places that are always open.

A proper lunch/dinner in a good restaurant in Bucharest costs around 60 lei (13 €)/person – it includes a soup, a main dish, desert and a drink.

Steak houses in Bucharest have higher prices: a main dish varies between 70 lei (16 €) and 300 lei (70 €).

We are ready to offer you suggestions for your stay during your hen party or stag weekend in Bucharest.

Taxis in Bucharest

The price of taxis in Bucharest is 1,39 lei (30 Eurocents)/km – about 15 times cheaper than London, 9 times cheaper than The Netherlands and 4 times cheaper than Prague.

Tips are usually 10-20% of the fare.

How to order a taxi in Bucharest

The easiest way to order a taxi is by using smartphone apps – the average waiting time is about 3 minutes.

Black Cab app: on Google Play and App Store
Star Taxi app: on Google Play and App Store

Taxis in Bucharest can also be ordered by phone:

004-0758880786 Black Cab – they speak English

004-021-9451 Taxi Cobalcescu

004-021-9477 Speed Taxi

004-021-9665 Taxi Pelicanul

How to order a taxi at Henri Coanda International Airport – Bucharest

Taxis are not lined in a cue in Bucharest Airport, they must be ordered.

Just outside the arrival gate, to the right, there are three touch-screen devices used for taxi orders. After you pick a fare and a company, you get a piece of paper showing the number of the car, the company and the arrival time. Taxis come at the international arrivals exit.

Should you need a taxi during your stag weekend in Bucharest, our team is ready to help. 24-7 phone assistance is included in all our Bucharest stag do packages.


According to, Bucharest is a safe town for foreigners. The level of violent crimes and similar risks is fairly low compared to other cities in Europe. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the number to call is 112. During your stay for your bachelor party in Bucharest (or hen party), our team offers 24-7 phone assistance.

Is Bucharest female friendly?

Bucharest is one of the safest capitals in Europe. Its population (2 million people) is not huge and in the past 15 years the municipality and the country have invested a lot in preventing crime.

So stereotypes describing Eastern European cities as less safe are rather outdated. One should be as cautious as in any other normal city accross the world.

According to user opinions on TripAdvisor forums, Bucharest is female friendly. It is true that women sometimes attract men’s looks and they can receive unexpected compliments from people (not more than the usual, though!).

So if you want to spend your hen weekend in Bucharest, you should rather think about what you want to do in this vivid city as three days are never enough to experience everything.

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