Bucharest city tour – from 24 €/person

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    The Bucharest city tour is set to offer guests a taste of the city. We usually tailor this activity to our clients' demands. While some want to see the central and iconic buildings, others want to find out the hidden gems of the city.

    Most Bucharest stag weekends are about drinks and nightlife, but many groups also want to have a cultural understanding of the city.


  • A pre-selected tour of Bucharest: main locations, communism, neighbourhoods
  • English speaking guide for the stag team
  • Entrance to The Palace of Parliament (Ceausescu's Palace - see picture below)

  • This activity lasts for 3 hours.
    Price: from 24 €/person
    * should you want to see certain tourist attractions, we can include them in the tour
    * no extra fee for tourist landmarks, just the access tax that is payable there

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