Are you coming to Bucharest for a stag weekend and you need to know how to get your way around? This is your section!

Here you can read tips, ideas and experiences related to Bucharest. We like to describe our city as the best stag do destination you've never heard of.

To put it simply, Bucharest has a variety of nightlife options, very welcoming people and super affordable prices. This is why we believe our city is an ideal undiscovered destination for stag trips. Here you can find the most interesting and adventurous things to do in Bucharest.

5 Reasons Why Bucharest Is an Amazing Stag Do Destination You’ve Never Heard of

Bucharest is the new Prague – that's how we like to put it!

Many of our guests come with pretty low expectations. Some believe the city is rather rural while others ask if it is safe.

When they get here, they figure they have been missing all the fun!

Bucharest is safer than most European cities. The architecture in the centre was influenced by French building concepts in the early 1900s. And we have some of the smartest and most beautiful women in Europe.

So here are a few brief reasons why our city is the perfect destination for stag weekends – and you had no idea about it

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Bucharest Nightlife Tips for Stag Weekends

Although many would expect otherwise, Bucharest is a vibrant city with one of the most vivid and active nightlife scenes in this area of Europe. This is one of the reasons why we consider our city a ‘hidden gem’ for stag weekend groups.

Many times our guests ask for recommendations of places to go – from where to have lunch to posh clubs. Here are a few of our thoughts regarding Bucharest nightlife for bachelor trip groups.

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Dress Code in Bucharest for Stag Guests

We are often asked by our guests what the dress code is in different venues. While most locations such as restaurants and bars are not too strict, for posh clubs it is always best to wear a smart outfit. Also, if the stag’s costume is too eccentric, access can get problematic.

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Timing – When Does the Bucharest Nightlife Action Start?

Each city has its own of nightlife time frames and Bucharest is no exception.

In proper Latin fashion, us Romanians like to start the evening relatively late. Restaurants and pubs become busy after 9 pm while the ideal time to get to a club is past midnight.

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What Time of the Year Is Best to Pick for a Bucharest Stag Weekend

Every city tends to have different things to offer depending on seasons. While Bucharest is mostly buzzling in springs and summers, the mild weather during fall and the coziness of winters make the city a good stag weekend destination for the whole year round.

Unlike Britain or Germany, the weather in Romania is pleasant. Our bachelor party guests are always amazed by the countless days of summer and the mildness of autumns.

If we were to recommend an ideal season for coming over for a Bucharest stag weekend, we would go for summer, but the rest of the year still has a lot to offer.

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Bucharest Airport Transfers

The Bucharest Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport is located outside town, about 20 km north.

We organize transfers for our stag weekend guests who need to get into the city centre. The range of offers we have for our Bucharest bachelor teams include: limos, vans, car transfers and VIP car transfers (Mercedes or BMWs).

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How to Approach Romanian Women When Coming to Bucharest for a Stag Weekend

Many of the stag weekend guys who come to our city wonder if there is anything in particular that they should keep in mind in getting together with women. “Do people usually speak English? Are girls friendly in Bucharest? What’s the best way to approach them if I come there for a bachelor weekend?”

As stag party organisers, we always advise our guests to be bold, but elegant, and remember that what happens in Bucharest stays in Bucharest. It’s not like one gets to be far from home every day in a vibrant city with beautiful women, so we believe weekends spent here should be lived to the full.

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The Strangest Stag Do Ideas We’ve Helped Our Clients Organize

As Bucharest stag weekend organizers, we sometimes have to cope with very peculiar demands from our guests from around the world. Most of our clients come from Western and Central Europe, The Middle East and The United States.

Every time we receive such demands from our guests, we are initially surprised, but then we do our best to take them from ideas to reality.

Here are just two of the strangest stag do ideas that we’ve organized for our guests in Bucharest.

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The Best Areas for Bucharest Stag Weekend Accommodation

Although Bucharest is not a big city and you can find your way around it easily with taxis or Uber, it is always good to stay in areas close to parties and nightlife.

The daytime and evening fun happens around the Old Town which is the historical city centre. In there, you can find bars, pubs and clubs that are usually open the whole time. But the real nightlife fun during a Bucharest stag do takes place in posh clubs which are always located in the northern part of town. Such place would be Bamboo, Fratelli or Player.

Our recommendation is to book accommodation near the Old Town and then we can always help with a transfer to the clubs at night.

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So you’ve met a Romanian woman. Now what?

One of the questions we often get from our guests is how to deal with Romanian women.

We do not believe people can be treated as a whole, but we do sell a few tips to our stag weekend groups. Here are some of them.

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Nice Restaurants in Bucharest for Stag Weekends

As part of the services we offer to our clients who come here for Bucharest bachelor parties, we do free bookings to restaurants for lunch and dinner.

Here are a few places to keep in mind. The food is delicious and you can choose from a wide range of places and cuisines.

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Things to do in Bucharest during daytime

Our city is less known to foreigners by comparison to other European capitals.

We know stag weekends are mostly about nightlife and drinking, but what about daytime activities. Here are a few things you can do in Bucharest during the day.

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Why Romanian Clubs Are Some of the Friendliest in Europe for Stag Dos

Although you probably did not expect that, Bucharest has some vivid nightlife action. The Old Town is full of pubs and clubs while more posh venues are usually located north.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are planning a stag weekend in our town with your friends.

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Coming to Bucharest for a Stag Weekend? What to Keep in Mind

So you’ve decided to come to our city, the Paris of the East for a bachelor party trip. Here are a few thoughts written by our team on what to keep in mind during your trip here.

Bucharest is very affordable, has unexpectedly vivid nightlife especially in the summer and some ofthe most welcoming women and men in Europe. These are just three reasons why it is an ideal stag do destination, although most people do not realise that.

Here are a couple of tips and things to keep in mind for your stay here.

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