Stag costume rental

Any stag team deserves to be noticed and the easiest way to do it is through funny costumes. We work with two providers in Bucharest and they've got thousands of options for parties and carnivals. So you only need to tell us your idea and we'll deliver the ideal costume for a proper Bucharest stag weekend in no time. And no worries: the stag will definitely get noticed!

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Prank with Romanian actors

Ok, this is not something all stag agencies provide. We've got some very talented and funny people to help us with an idea, a few locations we work with and - of course - a stag to be pranked. Should you want the whole thing filmed, it can be done. This is the sort of activity that you will remember. Some pranks are filmed with a phone by one of the bachelor group members. The funny video is then later watched by different friends making memories from the Bucharest stag do more vivid.

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Midget hire in Bucharest for stag dos

We all know the drill: get the stag, handcuff him to the midget and watch. We've got a few people who we work with and our clients found out they're short, but crazy. These guys know how to make fun of anyone around, but can also be good wingmen when approaching ladies during the stag weekend in Bucharest.

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Stag team personalized T-shirts for Bucharest bachelor weekends

Don't just go out as a gang of tourists, do it in style! We can provide personalized t-shirts and polo shirts for Bucharest stag weekend guests. A logo, names, numbers and photos can be printed. We usually put the idea together with our guests. Some stag teams prefer football-like t-shirts, while others just want a funny way to get noticed.

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