Karting race – from 48 €/person

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Quench your thirst for speed and agility with a karting race specially organized for you and your friends. The package includes three laps of driving time for each member of the Bucharest stag group. Additional laps can be arranged beforehand or at the location of the activity.

This activity is recommended for groups that want to feel a bit of adrenaline during their stag do in Bucharest.

The track we use is the best in Bucharest. The instructor can organise a competition for the stag team in which every guest can find out their timings.

We think this activity is the classic way of pumping some adrenaline into your Bucharest stag do.

What’s included:

  • Outdoor karting entrance for the stag team with friendly English speaking instructor
  • Three races (each of 10 minutes) for each person
  • Round-trip transfer
  • Duration: 1 hour + transfer
    Transfer from hotel (one way): 45 minutes
    Price: from 48 €/person


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