Paintball challenge – from 16 €/person

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Display your shooting skills and help your stag team win a paintball challenge in a special set-up. The wild west scenario, the military training ground, or the indoor set-up will surely keep your adrenaline level up. Paintball is at the same time a good way of having fun between the action-packed nights of your stag weekend in Bucharest.

This activity is a stag weekend classic. We can provide both outdoor paintball grounds, but also indoor ones (in case of rain or snow). The venues we use also offer drinks.

What’s included:

  • Equipment and rifles for the stag crew
  • 200 paintball bullets/person included
  • Paintball playground rented for two hours
  • Transfer (round-trip)

Duration: 2 hours plus transfer
Transfer from hotel and back: 45 minutes
Price: from 16 €/person

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