Parachute jump – from 160 €/person

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Certainly not a thing to forget: an assisted parachute jump would be a proper way to make the Bucharest stag weekend memorable. We had guests who asked for a naked girl to jump alongside them: no problem, just don't do it when it's cold!

We see this activity rather as a surprise for the bachelor. We can organise a transfer to the air strip and then the stag crew can inform him there that a parachute jump is prepared for him.

As the air strip is fully booked on most weekends, it is preferable to let us know in advance if you want this activity for your Bucharest stag trip.

What’s included:

  • Parachute tandem jump
  • English speaking instructor
  • Transfer (round-trip)
  • (Optional) Filming of the jump

Duration: 1 hour
Transfer from hotel and back: 1 hour
Price: from 160 €/person

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